Thursday, July 31, 2008

Start a Trendy Heroin Habit

I just finished the wild card match at stand up and I have plunked myself down at home and I can relax. This has been a long, tiring month. It's been more of a tiring season. It just never stopped. Well, never stopped is the wrong phrase. I guess it ended now. But it's good to know that I don't have to cram and have a script ready or a speaking engagement or more stand up. I can just rest. Which is a relative term. I have to work until Thursday before my first true day off. I don't know what to do with myself. Business has become the norm. I've had no time to reflect or rest or hunt for a girlfriend or keep the apartment clean or continue my search for Abe Vigoda. It just seems like I'm trying to do everything. Chasing my dreams, being responsible, finding the path God wants me, maintaining relationships. I'm trying not to miss out on life, but somehow life has sucked out all the life out of me. No, not really that extreme. I just really to say the part about life sucking the life out of me. But really, I have a hard time taking in life. I'm overdosing. Too much is going on. I'm not really enjoying any of it.

Hopefully, I can take this time as a respite. Just go to work. Catch up with people. Sleep 10 hours a day. Start a trendy heroin habit. Join a fight club.