Sunday, December 31, 2006

"12 Monkeys"

So I was at this party the other night where I was surrounded by the ladies, a good position to be in no doubt. And of course, I was sporting my sexy Jack Bauer haircut with a decent sweater and I was being my semi-friendly self. I think I was handling myself pretty, trying to maintain my carefully crafted illusion that I am guy that enjoys life and is witty and smart. And then this other girl comes in whom I met once or twice before and then everything gets thrown down the crapper. She recalls how I used to come into the bookstore she used to work in and I would come in and go to the same section, check something and then leave. Although my simple answer was that I was on my break at EB Games and that I had to make sure I got lunch at the food court, but I still wanted to check to see if they had a certain book in, she summarized the expedition as "creepy".

"Creepy", the one of three descriptors (the others being "stupid" and "gag reflex inducing" that I work so hard to avoid being ascribed to myself is used. And she would then use it a couple of other times in the night in relation to me. However, in my typical fashion of trying to defuse the situation would say something funny-like and it would actually "not help the situation".

I'm starting to find that more and more, I am edging towards (or perhaps finally realize that I am) becoming closer to those descriptors. Maybe I just creep people out after a while. Or even initially. And that I am just kidding myself that I have insightful things about life, but rather I am just spouting out sixth grade logic and have become what I have come to hate.

Tomorrow is the start of the new year. It's supposed to be a chance to turn things around. Promise yourself that you're going to change. And every year, I always think that maybe things could change and that when I find myself at what seems to be a lonely spot, that this new year will be different. But it's never different. Every New Year's it is the same. I have the same perspective. I have the same problems. I have the same loneliness. And it always comes down to me being insufficient.

It is in this state that I find myself wanting God to change me. Change the situation. Change anything. But I know that God wants to make things better. The change, however, has to start with me. Several New Years have shown me though that either I am unable to (or maybe God is unable, but that doesn't fly with me) make that happen. It's kind of a harsh cycle. Maybe this year it will be different.

You know, this whole thing is starting to feel a lot like "12 Monkeys"...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Took Exaggeration to a Dinner and a Movie and Made It Fall in Love With Me and Then It Catches Me Making Out With It's Mother

I figure that was enough time to leave you waiting with bated breath. Is that how you spell bated? Or is it baited? Either way, it's about time to start writing in this old blog with new fangled settings and the like. I like it. I have more control of what this looks like. Somewhat. I still know little about this HTML garbage. And despite what people tell me, I refuse to get a MySpace page.

It's been such a long time that I don't know where to begin even. Kind of like this play that I'm writing. Hey, nice segway me. Wait, that just ruined the segway. Anytime you hear the comment, "Nice segway" that immediately takes the grandness of the segway and destroys it. I should know this by now! So back to my play. Which will look like crap now due to the fumble of that segway. That was a bad fumble. It was like taking the Venus De Milo and putting make-up on it and then using a hammer to destroy it. Using a hammer to destroy it? What kind of exaggeration was that? I mean, exaggeration can be good in moderation, but that was ridiculous. It was like I took exaggeration to a dinner and a movie and made it fall in love with me and then it catches me making out with it's mother.

So this play, I'm writing. It's going terribly. I said I would have it done by the new year and I am not going to make it. Besides, as you can tell from the lack luster writing in the rest of this blog, I have nothing left. It's all garbage, some of which is currently on fire.

The play is about Stan Ostrowski, my character that I've developped and performed for the last five years. 2007 would mark the 20th anniversary of him winning the 1987 Provincial Championship and he's going to do a big blow-out gala. It turns out however that a whole bunch of stuff happens and hilarious chaos ensues. Unfortunately, the chaos make lose the "hilarious" modifier as it turns out that I am only capable of doing comedy in 4 minute segments. Anyways, if you'd like to see a copy of some parts of the play that I've completed, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment, I guess. Is that what the kids do these days?