Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Spinning of the Perverbial Feminist Wheel

It's been too long since I've done an entry and this is why. My computer is allying itself with terrorists. At least, that is the only clear explanation for the reason it just shuts off randomly.

Aside from that, I have this opportunity to come out and say that I one of the things that hate about groups of people coming together for fun times is when there is an equal amount of guys and girls for some reason, the girls always want to challenge the guys to some sort of competition. And it's not because I think girls are unworthy adversaries in games but rather how it always seems like girls are out to prove something, usually that they can do whatever boys do. And not that they can't, but whatever the result, it is always uncomfortable and aggravating. You see if the girls win, whether it was a legitimate win or if the boys let them win (yes, that does happen on occasion) then the girls think that they have just proven the equality of women to men. Then, in the event that the boys win, it suddenly doesn't count. Oh, and the girls will never let the boys win. Never.

Of course, you may think that the boys are to blame for allowing the game to take place to begin with. Unfortunately, a lot of guys think that they will impress the same ladies who are trying to defeat them by destroying them. And it doesn't help that girls will try to egg the boys on saying that "the guys think that they are too good to play the girls." Thus, it makes even the political correct individuals to participate in what you might as well call the spinning of the perverbial feminist wheel.

It's tragic.


Steph said...

OKay, it has been ONE WEEK since 24 dya and so far you have said percisely DIDDLY SQUAT! BASS TURD!



JAnie & DAve said...

Ummm, is that like fish poops?

Did she just call you fish poops?