Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lost in Thought: "Lighthouse"

Spoilers are following for those who have not seen the Season 6 episode of Lost that aired on February 24th.

I will start off this post by getting ahead of myself a little bit (a tactic that Lost likes to use, so I feel it is appropriate) and say that next week's episode I believe will be a very important one with the fact that they did not even create much of a teaser for it and the fact that we now know that Locke is on his way to the Temple. It seems like the whole plan for Jacob was to ensure that none of the candidates that have not been corrupted yet are not at the Temple. There has to be a better way to say that. I don't care, I just need to get this out.

I am not surprised that Jack and Hurley have come across the caves and once again opens up the question of who are the two bodies in the caves. Currently, I am still sticking with Jack and Kate.

The introduction of David is an interesting thing because he only exists in the no-island timeline. I guess that could theoretically be possible with the fact that if things had turned out differently that consequences would be different. It was just that I was under the assumption that if something happened in the one timeline, that it will occur in the other one. For instance that Charlie with eventually die or that Locke will regain the ability to walk. However, it's starting to now seem that the two timelines are similar to each other, but can be much different from the other and not just cosmetically different. Also names have been always been significant in this show and generally a TV show does not just repeat a name even if it's a common name. Now I can think of think of three other instances of the name. Hurley's dad's name is Dave, his imaginary friend was Dave, and Libby's ex-husband was Dave. Is there a connection between these characters? Not directly. I think the connection might be a little more vague. There's a good chance that it's a red herring, however. Know what? I don't care anymore about this one. We need more info and after this I would just be making up connections.

I was talking with Brad and he made a note about the mirror and I think he may be onto something. He said that what if the whispers came from the person or people watching them on from the Lighthouse. As we saw, the mirrors's angles are assigned to different people and if you can spy on the different people, it may mean you can be heard on the other side. Thus the whispers. The thing was that there were mirrors there and if the one mirror was showing Jack's house that he grew up in, it may be actually pointed at where Jack was in the flashsideways because he was there helping his mom find the will of Christian. Perhaps the mirrors can see both versions of reality.

I feel I don't really need to speak to the situation with Jin and Claire. It seemed pretty straightforward. Claire is associated with the monster and Jin is being brought along for the ride. The monster is going to the Temple and mess some people up, maybe take over something. Maybe take Sayid as his own.

I guess it turns out that 108 belongs to someone named "Wallace". Not Kate like I was imagining. Oh well.

Hey, this is an interesting thought. Jack is the only one in the flashsideways so far that has indications of his time on the island. He seems to not remember things earlier in his life like his appendectomy. He was also the one that was way out in the middle of the jungle in the pilot by himself which was always a little strange. He had claimed at the time that he had passed out when the plane was going down and never saw it crashed. I am wondering if there are special circumstances surrounding Jack and the two timelines. I do not have a complete thought here yet...

See people might assume that I some great insight into the show of Lost and then when they finally catch up to me in watching the episodes, they realize, "oh, wait, it's just because he has watched everything."

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Anonymous said...

The skeletons (Adam and Eve) are Rose and Bernard. It was revealed in a backwards recording during an episode in season 3. If you don't believe me look it up.

I'm betting 108 ends up being Desmond.