Saturday, August 05, 2006

August's Top Ten Current Movies

Since I work at a video store and I'm always talking about movies, this might as well be apart of the blog. Besides I like putting together lists because it gives the illusions that my opinions matter. Anyways, I'm going to update the list every month and the restrictions for the list is that the movie cannot be old enough to be on the 7 day shelves (that means no "Crash"...too bad)

Anyway, presenting August's picks:
10. Wedding Crashers (I like very few comedies, I love Vince Vaughn's style of rapid delivery.
9. March of the Peguins (Those birds got a tough life)
8. Good Night and Good Luck (When the media did something good)
7. King Kong (People are disgusted by the fact that a monkey and a lady fall in, they don't get it)
6. Protocols of Zion (All about anti-semitism and how baseless it is)
5. Inside Man (Good old heist movie)
4. Why We Fight (And you thought the war in Iraq was about oil...)
3. V for Vendetta (Despite popular belief, it is not an action flick. Thus, why it is clearly underappreciated)
2. Brick (A hard nose detective in high school? Awesome)
1. Walk the Line (Johnny Cash had some issues, but he was awesome)

I like how only one comedy even made it onto the list meanwhile three documentaries made it.

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