Monday, April 30, 2007

A Plot Twist in a Dream?

I had a sweet dream last night. It was like a movie. It starts off with a view looking down on a white sports car that was being chased by cop cars. The car is swooping in and out of traffic. At one point, it cuts off a red van which in turn holds up the cop cars temporarily. The sports car continues its escape and then I come to realize that I am the one driving the car. As I drive, I see that up ahead there is a spike strip and I slam on the brakes. Then I start spinning the car's wheels and turn the car to the left. More spikes. Turn to the right and more spikes. I look to where I came from and see that they have put more spikes down. I then hammer on the gas and try to dodge the spikes on the left and two of the tires are slashed. As I drive away, I realize that my car will be useless soon so I pull the car to the right and crash into the bushes. The scene cuts to me being brought to a prison and to a cop of some sort who happens to be my friend, Chris, who is supposed to ask me questions about the crime that led to the car chase. He is in disbelief that I could do something so bad. The scene then cuts to me being led to another cell where there are many other prisoners sharing. For whatever reason, it is a mixed gender prison. I try to go to sleep, but it is almost morning and I have to get up to get breakfast. Now, for some bizarre reason, they serve breakfast by bringing it to the cells on rolling serving tables and opening all the cell doors. In hindsight, that would be a terrible way to do it. Any way, people start crowding into the hallway to get food. I go as well and I see Monica.

"What are you doing here?" I ask.

"I was driving the red van, remember."

"Oh yeah."

It is at that point that me in dream remembers that she was apart of my crime and that she apparently didn't escape either. I leave her and continue through the crowd where I run into Tyler, another accomplice.


"Hey man."

We start walking up some stairs.

"Tyler, do you remember actually robbing the bank?"

"Of course, I mean you were the safe cracker and I was the gunman."

I should mention that this is the first time it was made known to me as the dreamer. I mean, a plot twist in a dream? That is awesome!

"I know that, but do you actually remember robbing it?"

"Not really, but I definitely remember the smells."

"Something weird is going on."

We have made our way up onto a football field where the inmates can workout and such. Tyler picks up a football and hucks it high into the air. We then notice the ball is going to land near some rough looking guys. We hold our breath hoping it doesn't hit them. The ball lands five feet from them and they look up at us. Tyler starts running away. I stand and watch as one of the goons take off after Tyler and tackles him down field. I turn back to the other head guy and see him marching with his eyes on Tyler. I start to run for the guy and jump up on him and start punching him in the head. The thug carries me towards the edge of the field which looks down on the rest of the prison. He is storming with anger and as he charges he attempts to throw me through the fence, but I hold onto him and pull him with me. We crash through the fence. He falls more or less straight down, but I fly outwards and just over the outer wall lined with barbed wire. Time seems to slow as I see him land on a flagpole and I glide over. I turn in the air and gently slow my fall and land on a small strip of land between the wall and the ocean. I then wake up.

That was like a blockbuster of a dream. I mean, what happened at the robbery? Were we intending to rob it or were we forced into it? Who knows? Literally nobody.


Mike said...

I wish i had dreams like this. t'would be grand.

Tyler said...

I can't believe I made it into your dream ... and I played a moderate roll in it.... cool!