Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Like Comparing Wet T-Shirt Contests to Dry T-Shirt Contests

Near my place there is a donut place (some call it a "shop" or "shoppe") it's got the greatest deal in the world. You can go there past 11 at night and get a bag of donut for $2! Two dollars! That's it! And the donuts are still awesome. Clearly people don't know about this enough! The end of the world's hunger problems is contained in the bags of donuts. I mean I have a heart for the hunger problem and I think I have the solution. People think that I can't solve hunger. That hunger will always exist because of human greed. I laugh at them, because this idea compared to other ideas is like comparing wet t-shirt contests to dry t-shirt contests.

They should set up donut shops in Africa and then people in the village could come after 11 and give a couple of bucks and get a bag of donuts that could feed a whole family for a day. It's foolproof. Wait, they don't really have money, do they? They couldn't really pay for the donuts. In fact, it would be kind of flaunting the donuts in their faces. Oh man. Well, perhaps there can be someone from the tribes that could be sent over to Canada and then they stay at my place...no there's not really room...ok we find them another place and then they go to the donut store every night and ship the donut's home. That doesn't work either. The shipping would be atrocious. But wait, doesn't the commercial say that a dollar a day feeds a family or something? So that means that they must be getting just dirt cheap bags of donuts from somewhere.

Where would that be? Oh man. I gotta find this place. Find the dirt cheap donuts. All this time I've been paying $2 for a bag of donuts like a sucker. That's it, I'm going to find this supply of cheap donuts and keep them for myself. Who cares about Africa? What about me?

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