Saturday, November 26, 2005

Oh, Why the Skunkmold Do I Even Bother?

This is the first in a series of blog entries that I'm writing in an attempt to make it up to my fans. To ask for forgiveness for my lack of responsibility. To climb up the harsh terrain of forgiveness, you need to do whatever it takes to make people forget about what you did and hopefully it will be enough to cover the next thing you're planning to do to them. Ah, yes. The life of a jerktard is a tough one. Long and arduous. Unrelenting.

Back to my apology for lack of responsibility. If you happen to be in Winnipeg, why don't you look me up and give me a call on the Dave Rae Apology Hotline and we can arrange a time to get together and I'll take you out for dinner. More like have you over for dinner. Actually, I'll just be giving you some of my grapes. But you'll have to be quick on that, because I'm currently eating them as I write this.

I guess since I'm on the topic of me being a jerktard, I think my biggest problem is just saying things before I really consider the implications of what I say. That's why I don't write a whole lot of blog entries because I'll start writing it and have just a bunch of filthy words strung together in it that make sailors blush (like "mudcrap") and then I have to go back and edit them out and I just think, "Oh why the skunkmold do I even bother?!" and then delete the whole thing.

And beyond the whole blog thing, I'm a jerktard because I have this tendency to yell at people on the street. You know, people are just walking along, enjoying life and I have the bold tenacity just to yell out stuff like "Watch out, there's a truck coming!" or "Hey, that guy's going to shoot you!" I mean, where do I get off? Just yelling like I'm some kind of circus ringmaster with some new freak on display. That's it. Next time a truck is barrelling down the road at someone, I'm not saying anything. Keeping the mouth shut. I can't be a jerk forever.

Who do I have to thank for that character change? You guys. Thanks. Keep the dream alive.

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