Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm Pretty Sure Seeing a Dog with Three Legs and is Three Quarters Deaf Would Be Sadder

So with the help of Mr. David Colvinsonington, I've been relocated to this location for my blog. I'm glad he's plugging me on his blogging area. On his February 14th blog entry, he has this sweet graphic thing to advertise the Third Wheel Convention that I held on my birthday.

Yeah, there's nothing sadder than being born on Valentine's Day, being left out and then be the key note speaker at a Third Wheel Convention that you created because you knew nobody would actually go to your real birthday party. Well, I'm pretty sure seeing a dog with three legs and is three quarters deaf would be sadder. Or may a lone piece of pizza lying at the side of the road. That'd be pretty sad.

Anyways, the need for the convention is simply that the old adage "bros before ho's" goes right out the window on Valentine's Day. And from my thorough research into the topic, I'm pretty sure that the "bros before ho's" was probably coined by a third wheel who was trying to convince his friend to ditch the girlfriend and he figured that if it flowed then it has to be true.

However, there was a small turnout which is better than expected (no turnout) and I gave a rousing speech about third wheels and then watched Shrek, because after all, Donkey is a great example of a third wheel. Then I realized I just turned twenty-three, watching an animated cartoon and analyzing the aspects of third wheelism knowing that when I get home I would gently cry myself to sleep.

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JAnie & DAve said...

Hey man, haow dare you use "animated" in such a derogatory sense! What's so wrong with being animated? What makes you so much better that you can judge!

"Oh, I'm finite"
"Ooo, I have flesh and blood"
"Oooooo, I'm Mr. Fancy-pants, No ink! I have friends and family!"

Well way to go. You've bruised my overly-sensitive animator's ego. I hope that makes the "Big Man" feel better.

This just confirms the need for Equal Rights for the Animated. Please see my website for Legal Action towards Equal Treatment of Non-Flesh Individuals, for more information