Friday, September 09, 2005

Midnight Shifts are Like the New Pink

Just yesterday, I was switched from the Domo in the inner sanctums of Winnipeg to a more reasonable place that's only a forty minute walk from my house. That's still a lot of walking, but it's better. Maybe I should invest in a palomino. The horse, not the vehicle. It may cost more a month, but I could get a ride places at least. And then I could share the last part of my sandwich or something like that and have a friend take a picture of it. That photo would sell. I mean a guy sharing a sandwich with a horse. That's the kind of stuff that like Michelangelo would paint.

Anyway, back to the point. The Domo I will be working at will be a self-serve, which means I can freely throw away all my training that I received. I can read, and learn about astronomy and paint that sweet horse picture I was talking about. Especially, if I get more of the midnight shifts. It would be gold. Midnight shifts would be awesome. Midnight shifts are like the new pink.

This sounds like this would somehow be an improvement, but the joke is clearly on me because the Domo is called a "Roo-side Cafe". "Roo-side"! I have to walk into my place of employment that flaunts it's pornography of the English language. I will be reminded everytime the things in this world that I despise.

It's like going to paradise where enjoy the sun of the midnight, but learn that the whole island is radioactive and has the worst bugs ever. And the drinks are only ok, but cost double!

Sure, I will have my midnight shifts, but do I want them at the cost of my soul?

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