Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm Pro-People-Becoming-Like-Me

Next week's Bible study is going to be so sweet. Jason and I lead a media-based study where we watch at TV show, or movie, or listen to something and then have a biblical response to it. And next week, we are doing one where we listen to a few Pearl Jam songs, discuss the meaning and as well, whether or not we agree with what they have to say. It shall be sweet for Pearl Jam is sweet, ergo the study is sweet by association. We're not even doing the classic songs that everyone knows. We have a lot of their lesser known ones. Of course, when I say that, there are no doubt some fans who are like, "'I am Mine'? That is not that so great. I would choose the song that Vedder wrote and perform while still in his mother's womb. It's the seventh song on a rare mix tape that only true fans would like." But I don't worry about people like them. Because they're idiots.

Anyway, I look forward to it, because I can't wait to hear the reaction of some of the people because they don't listen to Pearl Jam or any other grunge band of the 90's (I'm sure some fanboys just choked on their mini pizzas at the possibility of their band being referred to such a way. Why do people get all panicky about the classification of music?). One of my favourite things is to introduce people to new TV shows like 24 and Lost and if people like Pearl Jam because of this, I'll feel good. I'm pro-people-becoming-like-me.

But why stop there? I should start hanging out with people who look like the exact same. And then they would be able to wear the same clothes as me. And then we would always do whatever I want to do. And then I wouldn't have to talk to them, because I already know what they think about anyways. I mean, when I talk to people, do I really want to hear divergent opinions on things and grow? No, I want you to nod in agreement as you pass me the chips.

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