Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Swift Kick to the Shin Followed By a Merciless Running Away Before They Could Catch Me

I am looking forward to Saturday Night Live tonight. The show has been so good recently. Ever since Andy Samberg and Kristin Wiig has appeared on the show, it's been getting better and better. Especially since Samberg's addition along with his two friends from the "Lonely Island". Those guys are so creative and very much down the line of oddball humour that I still love to incorporate into my sketches. Many don't even realize how good SNL is anymore because they fall into that horrible trap that so many seem to.

Ask anyone why they've stopped watching SNL and the reason is almost always, "It's not as good as it used to be." Usually, it's connected to one or a handful of performers. People five years ago would always say "It used to be good when Farley, Sandler, Myers and Carvey were on there, now it's garbage." In the last couple of years, people said "It used to be good when Ferrell was on there, but now it's garbage." Why do people just give up on the show when there's cast changes? It will always get good again. It takes incredible talent to be able to create, practice and perform a full hour and a half worth of material all within in the course of one week. And the show goes through ups and downs, but the show will never become unwatchable. In fact, with the implementation of more and more video sketches, it's starting to really open up the potential of the show. It will also be good if they can veer away from sketch after sketch of talk shows that were so rampant two years ago and that's what they have been doing.

I mean, last week with the "First Human to Ever Dance" was so simple and yet so funny. I wish I would be able to come up with stuff like that. I try hard to be original with my stuff and I'm glad to be able to come up with the little that I have (not all of which is that original). Working on Saturday Night Live would be a dream. But I don't know if I could cut it, because I don't have that one thing. What is it? Oh yes, talent. I mean, I get some good stuff out there occasionally, but SNL writers are required to submit at least one original sketch every week. Considering I always feel like I have come up with the last original thing I could come up with, that would be so stressful.

That is why I am willing to defend Saturday Night Live against all naysayers with barbarian verocity and undying devotion. I would sacrifice my own child for that show. Or at the very least, my neighbour's cat being that I don't have a child that I know of. I would shoot a man dead who would dare speak ill against Andy Samberg or at least a swift kick to the shin followed by a merciless running away before they could catch me.

That's a warning to all you out there that do not respect the efforts of one of TV's greatest institutions. Be prepared for a stern shaking of my head that would put a confused look on even the most stoic face.

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