Sunday, January 28, 2007

Just Imagine How Much I'd Like Real Anger and Pride

Man, I love Faith Covenant Church. I am able to do or say anything that I want. Well, sort of. I mean I can't going around saying how I think "24" should be incorporated into canon. Because for one, that makes no sense. And two, they may actually do it. No, I'm joking. They wouldn't. I'm pretty sure anyway.

Back to my story. At church, instead of Eric doing a sermon, they opened up the mike and allowed people share different instances when others in the church showed the love of Christ. It was supposed to be a time for encouragement. A few shared and it was good.

Now, I don't know what takes over in me. It could be intuition. It could be the Holy Spirit or perhaps the devil. I would like to say the former, because that make me seem holier. Anyway, I proceed to go up there and share about how people have never made me feel alone and have been there for me. The key thing is that I did it under the guise that I didn't want people to do that and that I found it distracting and not helpful since I can't feel sorry for myself and listen to my mix tape of R.E.M. and Journey and eat my litre of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and how it's just sitting in my freezer going to waste. I pretended to be angry and I scolded the church for it. I love doing that kind of thing so much.

I love fake anger. And fake pride for that matter. It's so fun just yelling at people and making yourself seem so much better than everyone else. You know, if I like fake anger and fake pride, just imagine how much I'd like real anger and pride. That'd be great! Have a skewed view of the world and blaming everyone else for everything bad and taking all the credit for all the good.

Man, pooch all you guys and your Faith Covenant Church! I'm going to the Church of Me! You can have your community and encouragement. I rather complain and keep the bitterness in. And let it festoon. Yeah.

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